Sunday, January 4, 2009

Restaurant Vietnam

Restaurant Vietnam (227 12th Avenue SE) aka The Upstairs Place by the Stampede Grounds.

The Hubs, the kid and I hit up our old favourite Restaurant Vietnam today for a late lunch. There were two other tables eating plus a table with some of the staff having lunch. We used to eat here 1-2 times a month when we lived downtown but since moving to the burbs last year I think we have only been maybe three times. We know the menu pretty well and we know what we like.

The pho is always good. Their broth is light and tasty. Today's did not disappoint. I had the beef sate pho with vegetables. They have never been consistent with the spiciness in this dish and I was happy that it was not burn-your-lips off hot like it some times can be. The beef was a little more gristly than usual and it was a little over cooked. The noodles were perfectly done and the veggies were bright and crisp.

Hubs had a vermicelli dish with shredded BBQ pork and shrimp balls. I think the empty bowl spoke for itself. We also split an order of spring rolls. The dipping sauce here is always so good and usually the rolls are delicious too. Today they were a little on the greasy side and I couldn't help but think that the deep fryer oil needed to be changed. I do like how they serve the rolls with a side of fresh basil and crunchy romaine lettuce.

All in all, fair price for what we got. The service wasn't nor has it ever been that great. Food comes out when it's done regardless of if all the party's food is ready. Appetizers are barely started when the mains are hitting the table and I hope you don't need a refill on any of your beverages. I know we will be back but I don't think we'll go out of our way to eat here.

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