Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tandoori Chicken

My husband loves a deal and he went grocery shopping and bought a huge container of chicken legs with the backs attached. He promptly froze the whole thing when he got home. I found it in the freezer and thought, "what will I do with this giant chicken-sicle?" I had recently bought some tandoori spices and had half a tub of plain yogurt sitting in the fridge.
I didn't follow a recipe per se, just kind of scanned a few recipes that google lead me to and decided to try my hand at some tandoori chicken. The tandoori spice pack smelled really good and to be honest I didn't really know if it was missing anything. I bought that kind because I noticed an Indian lady grabbing a couple packets of the same one and figured she would know if it was any good or not.

The Recipe(ish)

I trimmed the chicken of extra skin and fat, sliced through the skin and into the meat a few slashes in to each piece. This is to allow the marinade to really get in to the meat. I seasoned them generously with salt and pepper then set them aside.

In a bowl, I mixed together about 2 cups of the plain yogurt and about 1/2 cup of the tandoori spice mix. I tasted it and decided more ginger, garlic and a splash of lime juice were needed.

I put the chicken and the yogurt mix into a large zipper bag and made sure each piece was well coated in the bright red yogurt. The recipes I had read online said to marinate it at least 8 hours, as I had left the skin on I decided overnight was better.

So 24 hours later...the chicken looks good. I preheated my broiler in the oven on low. I am glad my oven has 2 heat settings for the broiler, my last oven didn't. I arranged the chicken, skin side up and popped it in the oven on the second from the top position. I broiled it for about 12 minutes then flipped the chicken. I broiled that side for another 12 minutes. It smelled amazing and was looking so good. I flipped it one last time so the skin was up and broiled it for another couple minutes, just to crisp up the skin a little more.
I served it with a warm couscous and tomato salad and the last of some fresh asparagus. It made for a flavourful and light supper. We will be making tandoori chicken again, that is for sure!

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