Wednesday, May 13, 2009


If there's one thing for me that brings breakfast home, it has to be toast. I can deal with many things being mediocre, but if the toast shows up crappy, my day can be ruined. OK, that might be a bit of an exaggeration. It's not like I'm going to yell at a customer, or flip the bird to an unsuspecting pedestrian because I received a bit of thin dry toast, but it sure brings me down a notch.

I have very simple tastes with toast. Butter. That's it. I'm not a jam person, I only apply peanut butter if it's a toasted sandwich (and never for breakfast), I don't cut it into strips and dunk in a soft boiled egg, I'm not a cream cheese person, I don't add cinnamon, and I certainly do not spread Nuttela. NOT that there's anything wrong with the above. I'm just purist. Even if it's French toast, I stay away from icing sugar and/or maple syrup (again, absolutely nothing wrong with those options).

Now, getting back to what can go wrong with toast. You would think that this should be the easiest breakfast side dish. However, I have seen many a side dish go sideways. From burnt, to soggy. Thin and stale, to cold and tasteless.

It's very simple. Toast should be hot, crisp and ready for the application of which ever condiment one believes accents their toast the best (in my case, butter....nothing more). The style of bread brings on a whole new discussion we won't get into, mostly due to the fact that if you;re having toast at your favourite breakfast joint, you are at the whim of whatever they are serving. At home, I like a hearty multi-grain or sourdough, thickly cut.

Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, I'd say that toast is the most important side dish of the most important meal of the day. Enjoy your toast !

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