Monday, June 22, 2009

Beer Can Chicken in the Rain

With the new BBQ we got one of those beer can chicken stands. Being a beer fan, cooking a chicken like this always kind of intrigued me. So I picked up a whole chicken and tried my hand at my first beer can chicken.
It was pretty straightforward and I think it will be easy to adapt to any flavourings. I used one 355ml can of beer. It wasn't my favourite beer but it was the only canned beer we had in the house. I poured the top quarter in to a pie plate and stuffed some fresh thyme (from my garden) in to the can. Wrestling the chicken on to the stand was easier said than done. I think my chicken was a boy and had small hips. :) I seasoned the oustide with salt and pepper.
Pre heat your BBQ and you will probably have to take out the top wrack so you can still close the lid. The only directions on my stand were to not let the drip tray get dry so I kept some water handy to pour in there if the beer I had already poured in evaporated.
I checked it a few times and rotated it so it would brown evenly, make sure you have some tongs ready to do this. I basted it with the drip pan, which did get dry so I added the water. It took a little over an hour. You want the temperature taken at the thigh to read 180f and the juices to run clear. Obviously a bigger chicken will take longer and I had my temperature jacked up because it started to rain the minute I put the chicken on.
It was neat to see the steam coming out through the top of the chicken. I can't say that the beer flavour came through but it was definately juicy. Maybe next time I will try brining it before hand or use a more flavourful beer. I remember a recipe I saw once doing this but with a can of coke instead of beer. I don't know if I will try that one, maybe a can of gingerale.
I roasted some beets and sweet potato too while I was at it, but those will be for tomorrow in a salad I think.

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