Monday, August 24, 2009

Field Trip: Filipino Bakery

So there is a new Filipino bakery and grocery store that opened near our house recently. I have meant to go in but never got around to it. Today I took my son for a walk and checked it out.
They don't carry fresh produce or meat but they do have a pretty big selection of imported packaged snacks and a freezer section full of whole fish and hunks of coconut and leaves. I didn't give the freezer section a thorough look but I intend to next time. There was a lot of interesting looking things and I tried out the pea pod snacks. They are a little salty but tasty and were a hit with the toddler but not so much the husband. I would get them again.
Next time I had that way I will try the corn variety and one of the purple ube cake packs. I love things that are naturally purple.
The coconut jam caught my eye but I don't know what to do with it and I am afraid of how sweet it will be. And if anyone knows what to do with salted tamarind, let me know because it looked like something fun to play with. :)
Since this place is a bakery I tried out some coconut buns. They were really sweet but a sweet coconut taste that I personally love. The bun part was soft and fresh and the coconut filling was sticky and gooey. I think these will become a go to treat for me. Next time I want to try the BBQ beef or BBQ pork buns or maybe a Red Bean bun if I am feeling adventurous.
So, any suggestions on things I should look for next time I am in there?
I can't remember the exact name of this place and google isn't being my friend so I will update and add the name once I track it down.

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