Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lunch at Divino

I arrived home from a brief trip out of town around 1:00pm and being a bit hungry decided to head downtown for a bite. I wandered up and down Stephen Avenue Mall unsure of what I was after and decided to stop at Divino.
I was greeted at the door quickly and since the dinner rush was over I grabbed a seat near the front window and faced the street. The server was prompt and pleasant.
I only needed a light meal so I focused on their appetizers. I went with the mussels & frites. (I was told by the server that this would be more than enough for lunch).
The mussels arrived piled high and where perfectly cooked and huge. They didn't last long on the plate. I used the bread provided to sop up the remaining sauce. The pomme frites were a bit under cooked...kind of soggy.
I still had some room when I was finished so I went straight for the creme brulee. It was fantastic.
All in all a great lunch experience. Divino is highly recommended.

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