Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mussels with Bacon

Last night I had a hankerin' for some seafood. I swung by the grocery store on the way home and picked up 2 lbs of medium sized Atlantic Mussels and some fresh French Bread.
We didn't use a specific recipe and just went with what we had in the 'fridge (it's too bad, 'cause I thought we had some cider for the sauce but I was out of luck).
Here's what we did:
- Cut up approx. 5 strips of bacon into small cubes and get this frying in a large pan.
- when the bacon is about 75% done, add chopped onion
- when the onion is about 80% add fine shopped garlic
- Add fresh thyme and a small dash of chili flakes
(I would wait to add salt and pepper at the end since the bacon will add a fair amount of salt to the dish)
- now that these ingredients are good to go, add the mussels (pre-cleaned)
- add a splash of flavour and cover the pan (in our case I wanted to add cider but didn't have any so I went with a white wine we had in the 'fridge) - be careful with the amount as the mussels hold water and it will start to release once the shells open - you want these to steam not boil.
- Mussels don't take long to cook so keep an eye on them
- After they're cooked, remove the mussels into another bowl or pan, reduce the remaining liquid, season for taste (the bacon should add a fair amount of salt so you may not need to add any extra)
- pour over mussels and enjoy
I could eat mussels every day. I think the next version we will use a strong stout for the broth.

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