Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Chocolates - Turtles & Ferrero Rocher

The Holidays arrive and so do the chocolates. I don't think I consume as much chocolate in the 11 months leading up to Christmas as I do over the 2 weeks at the end of December. And of course, I have my favourites.
They are Turtles and Ferrero Rocher. Both I could eat until I burst. And once the clock has struck 12 on Jan 1st, I shun them for another 11 months.
Both of these tasty treats have got to be the most addictive things outside of jelly beans, popcorn and crack. Even though I try, I cannot have just 1. Even sticking to 2 is near impossible. I find, it's just easier to ensure neither are within 30 feet of me or my house. Because if they are, they might as well just be dropped in my lap. And don't even think of taking the last one....that's a good way to lose fingers and/or get a broken arm.
That's just a warning to anyone who stops by our place and has the same cravings I do....be very careful....even though they are on a tray and look to be an offering for anyone who wanders by...they're not.....they're all mine....

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