Monday, January 4, 2010

Just a quick clarification.....quick post to start the year !

Just to clarify...this blog was originally started by my wife who is a trained cook/chef. I on the other not (I just enjoy food and eating...I do enjoy cooking, but I'm much more of a simpleton...but getting better).
From time to time we both update this blog...I'm sure you'll be able to tell who's doing which post.

Here's to new food adventures for 2010 !

And a quick update,

Since I can't get enough turkey we started the new year with.....a roast turkey dinner. It was great. It consisted of my wife's turkey and my butter/sour cream mashed potatoes, Broccoli with the cheese sauce in the previous post, carrots and peas (our boy LOVES peas) and stuffing.....mmmmm...I should have taken a picture (I was too busy gorging myself).

Up coming in the next week or so will be Ribs, Taco's, Lasagna, Turkey sandwiches and pot pies and a couple reviews of some local places.

Thanks for reading !

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