Friday, January 8, 2010

Results of the Spicy Breaded Chicken

Last night I finally got to make the Spicy Bread Chicken Wings . I think everything went very well. It's a very simple recipe that's easy to put together and has great results. We made a few modifications and I have a couple comments for when I do them again.

  • We split the full wings and tossed out the tips (this just makes the wings easier to eat and easier to dip if you want to add a ranch or blue cheese)

  • My wife doesn't like things as spicy as I do so we halved the cayenne pepper. To be honest, for future batches I may increase the recipe amount. The small amount we used was lost in the other flavours. The next time I may double the amount to see how that works (I may also add some Tabasco sauce to the mustard...I'll try and let you know)

  • I would add salt and pepper to taste

These are highly recommended for snacks while watching 'the big game'. Thanks again to the SimplyRecipes blog.

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