Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I just did a quick trip to Denver for work and here's a quick summary.

We were booked in at the W ALoft in Broomfield (up in the NW of Denver, only a few miles to Boulder...it's a starwood hotel so I get points...yay points). These hotels are like W Lite. They're trying to be hip without the hefty price tag. (W's can be pricey....I've stayed in the Atlanta W a couple times and the bill at the end is usually eyebrow raising) The staff was good and the hotel was clean and comfortable. The only downside about this place is there is NOTHING near it. You need a car. It's in a new development and I would assume things are moving slow due to the current economic conditions. There is one restaurant, Proto Pizza , within walking distance. It's a quaint place that makes wood fired pizzas. It was pretty good...a little pricey. Their service was very attentive and friendly. I would recommend this chain.

We went for dinner at a couple places. The first was the Bonefish Grill. I'm always leery of seafood inland, but this place came highly recommended. It didn't disappoint. I had some starter bacon wrapped scallops, fried calamari and for the main I had lemon butter Rainbow Trout. All well prepared and tasty. I topped off the evening with a Creme Brule that was the size of my head.

The next night we went to one of Ted Turner's places called Ted's Montana Grill that specializes in Bison. I have found in the past that Bison can be very dry since it's a very lean meat. I'm not sure what they did at Ted's but my Bison Tenderloin was awesome. I had it with some Salt & Pepper Onion Rings and Butter Broccoli. I'm not sure that I like supporting Ted Turner, but this place had great food and good service.

We also grabbed a lunch at a Mexican place called Qdoba. This is a 'fast food' burrito sort of place. The burritos were huge and full of flavour. If you're looking for something spicy, filling and quick this is the place to go to.

All in all it was a productive trip. I didn't see much of Denver this time around (pretty much sat in a board room or my hotel room most of the time). But I did get to eat some good food.

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