Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Easy Shrimp Salad for lazy men like me

My wife is a fantastic cook, and i enjoy doing my part in the kitchen as well. But, sometimes I'm just super lazy and don't have the energy to boil water let alone peel a carrot. So what to do ? A frozen pizza ? Hot Dog ? Order in ? Bother the wife to cook me something ? Nah...All of these, while good suggestions, are not a part of my new, I need to eat better and save some cash, mantra (along with the - don't bother your pregnant wife with stupid requests if you know what's good for you). So, here's a super simple thing to do for guys like me who just need something to eat and have zero energy or drive to make something out of a cookbook and also are trying to reduce spending cash and their spare tires - while maintaining good relations with the mother of your children.....

  • Pull out a bag or container of mixed green salad (I assume everyone trying to be healthy has this in their 'fridge....)
  • Chop a couple mushrooms and toss in...this will take seconds (wash them first) or don't add anything if you don't feel like 'chopping'
  • Pull out of your freezer a bag of diveined shrimp (I just tossed mine into the sink and threw hot water on them to defrost and then peeled them and pulled the tails off...this of course was borderline too much work but I went through with it anyway)
  • Toss the shrimp into a heated non stick pan with a bit of butter
  • Cook until pink
  • add a dash of oyster sauce
  • toss onto the salad


This could be even easier if the shrimp didn't have to get peeled or if they were already cooked.

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