Monday, March 8, 2010


My usual first choice when out at the pub is a local brew called Grasshopper. But when I travel I like to try whatever is local or found at the local pubs. And if I'm lucky and find one I really like I'll try to see if it's available at home. Today, you can pretty much find any beer if you're in a large enough city.

On one of my original 'man-cation' trips to the UK a friend bought me a pint of Grolsch. I wasn't sure about it. It sounded like something I would say when i drank 12 pints of it, or at least the noise i would make...after drinking 12 pints of it. But i was pleasantly surprised. By no means is this a high brow beer and I have received the side eye from some of my UK pals when I now order it (I give them the side eye back when they order Budweiser or Fosters...I mean COME live in the land of pints and you're drinking that swill ?)

It's a light tasting beer, a bit watery, that has a slight skunky smell. It's a bit stronger than a Grasshopper taste wise, but this is the type of beer that is good when sitting at a patio on a hot afternoon.
It's a bit pricey here, going somewhere in the neighborhood of 13$ for a 6-pack, but I'd say if you're looking to try something other than the usual and don't mind paying a bit more give this a go.

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