Friday, June 4, 2010

Fried Calamari or How to make your house stink like a greasy spoon

I decided we would give home made calamari a try the other day. Do we pan fry, grill or deep fry ? Hmmmmm. DEEP FRY !

I don't own a deep fryer but I do have oil and I do have a pot. Really, that's all you need...right ?

Anyway, I had some ready to cook calamari in the freezer (I'm not yet ready to grab the fresh stuff and pull the guts and ink sack out) and I hit the interwebs to find a suitable recipe.

I came across what had to be the simplest one. Ingredients were

  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 tsp paprika
  • 1 tsp chili powder

I substituted chipotle for the chili and went to town. Immediately when mixing the goodies I thought - that's a hell of a lot of flour and not much in the way of seasoning....

So, I fired up the oil in a pan...heated that be-otch up and thought i would give one a taste test. I dropped the calamari in the mixture and then into the super hot oil. I was surprised how fast it cooked. The recipe said a few minutes...I don't think I had to wait even a full minute (the oil was HOT !)

I tried the calamari (which looked awesome) and as I suspected...couldn't taste any of the seasoning. So I added more and tried another. Same result. So I DUMPED in a ton of paprika and this time added a ton of chili powder (a ton = i have no idea....lots...the flour mixture was dark red by this point)....and, finally, a bit of flavour.

All the while I was perfecting my seasoning mixture, I kinda' didn't adjust the temp on my oil...which is why this post is titled, how to make your house stink....

I started getting the smokey come off the i kicked it into high gear and cooked up all the squid. Note to self, don't put so much freakin oil in the pot and be sure to have the splash cover on from the beginning, not at the end when you're on your last batch.

We added some fresh chives (from our garden) and the wife made fresh tzatziki. We also had a fresh salad with some shaved Parmesan (we scored a huge block of it from the states on our last was 8$...a block like that here would run upwards of 30-40$)

I was very impressed with the end result. I'll be sure to try a different/better batter mixture on round two...also, I'll be more aware of the temp and the's been two days and the main floor of the house still has this greasy spoon a low end British chippy....

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