Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ground Beef 4 ways - ways to save a buck

We're always on the look for ways to save when at the grocery store and one easy way is to pick up a value pack or family pack of ground beef. It's up to you whether you buy the regular, lean or super lean (we'll either by regular or lean...regular is cheaper, but you need to drain the fat when you cook it).

This is very inexpensive and you can do much more than just burgers. While these dishes are standard and sort of ground beef common sense, we spice them up by what we add to the dishes. Also, these can all be prepared in advance and put in the freezer so that you have meals ready to go. Here's my list of 4:
  • Meatballs. I know...simple right?...seems obvious. It's what you mix with them that makes it interesting. Also, what you're eating them with. We cooked up a bunch and flavoured them with different spices. Some went for spaghetti, some for meatball sub sandwiches (these were fantastic...we buttered and broiled some sub buns to crisp them up and then added the meatballs that had heated up in a tomato sauce and then added mozzarella and broiled again to melt and crisp the cheese...these and a side salad, awesome)
  • Tacos. Again, simple. But it comes down to the spices and don't bother with the prepacked stuff. Go out and buy a few packages of paprika, chili peppers, etc. It's good to have these handy. Try hard shells, soft shells, taco salads, even a taco lasagna !
  • Lasagna. Too easy. A nice meat lasagna is a great thing to prepare and freeze. We made 3 or 4 using some different ingredients and tossed them in the freezer for those days when you just don't feel like cooking or extra people show up. Use different cheeses, vegetables, etc to change the style.
  • Chili. Of Course ! Every man out there should know how to make a good chili !

This isn't super inspiring from a food perspective, but if you do the above you will notice a difference in your pocket book and how much time it takes to make super.

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