Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More bad news for Ramsay

Looks like all is not bliss at Gordon Ramsay Holdings. It is now being reported that his Father-in-Law and long time business partner has given up the reigns as CEO of his holding company:

Gordon Ramsay's father-in-law has sparked rumours of a fallout with the fiery star after he stepped down as CEO of the celebrity chef's business empire.

The Hell's Kitchen star has suffered severely in the recent economic downturn and in 2009 was forced to pump $8 million of his own money into his businesses in a last-ditch bid to keep afloat.

The company, Gordon Ramsay Holdings, reported a loss of $6.5 million last year and was dealt another blow in August when U.S. officials sent three outstanding tax bills, with one totalling $484,500.

And the strain has seemingly affected Chris Hutcheson, the father of his wife Tana, who has walked away from his job in charge of his son-in-law's dealings after 12 years.

A statement says, "We can confirm that Chris Hutcheson has left his position as CEO of Gordon Ramsay Holdings Ltd. He retains an interest in the business as a shareholder."

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