Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2011 Updates....what's going on ?

I apologize for the lack of home made"Yummy" things on the blog. With work getting busy again, and the toddler and newb keeping us extremely busy [and sleep deprived], the meals haven't been, shall we say, noteworthy. Not to say they aren't tasty and well prepared, just a lot of the 'same old same old'...which in our case, is just fine with me. (aside: I did make some nice fluffy 'Canadian' Pancakes and some gourmet pork/beef burgers stuffed with goat cheese but just haven't had time to update yet....maybe tonight ?)

For example, we picked up some value/family packs of pork loin and salmon. Easy to cook in different ways and perfect for quick put together meals. Two nights ago we had salt and pepper salmon on a bed of fried veg. Simple...And last night used the remaining salmon for a quick butter garlic salmon pasta (I finished the last bit of that for lunch today). The menu next week ? Probably Pork, Salmon and Pasta again.....

So what to do...

It wasn't a hard decision. We decided that Friday's are now GOURMET NIGHT ! We will take the time to dust off the cook book project and put a bit more effort into what we cook up on Fridays (something other than simple pork loin, salmon or pasta).

I think I will also update with the quick meals since there are probably people out there wondering what they can do..FAST and EASY.

Here's to some interesting dishes coming our way in 2011 !!!!

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