Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chicken Caesar Salad

Great article about the ever boring Chicken Caesar Salad from Chef Writer Michael Ruhlman.
Both worth a read !

Food in Vegas

Just got back from a weekend in Vegas...and we need a vacation from our vacation (I suppose that's when you know you've done Vegas right). This time around it wasn't all about the 'WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER !'...we wanted to eat somewhere other than buffets and 2$ beer and a hot dog.
One of the places we hit was Todd English PUB (public urban bar). Todd English is a Boston based Chef Restaurateur who has the Olives chain (found at the Bellagio). This place is just what it sounds like...a high end Pub. It's connected to one of the new hotel resorts at city center called Aria (very nice place).

We were hungry and wanted to try as much as possible so we ordered a beer sampler(they have a couple on the menu)
along with Duck Buns and Onion Rings. The duck was nicely cooked within an Asian sweet sticky bun. The plate came with three which was perfect for sharing
. The onion rings almost made me fall out of my chair...THEY WERE HUGE ! Perfectly cooked and had a spicy ranch dressing.

After we finished these two plates of appetizers we were almost done...we keep forgetting that the portion sizes are big...and then what do we do ? Instead of ordering a plate of sliders to share (assuming it would be too much food) I ordered a plate of Dirty Chips. I assumed, since they were hand made potato chips with dressing they would come in a small basket and be perfect for munching on with the remainder of our beer sampler. NOPE...
A massive plate that looked like nachos showed up....needless to say, we didn't put much of a dent in it...

All in all, I'd say the place is worth a visit when you're wandering down the strip and need a snack...just remember that if you plan to share a few appys, it's best to have at least 4 of you there....